Retiree Association

Retiree Association members outdoors.

Hey, retirement is the only gift that old age is going to give you! So don’t waste it in front of this tube. Get out and give back to others; it’ll keep you alive. The UT Dallas Retiree Association is the perfect way to give back and stay involved with others:

  • Become a member (membership fees are a pittance.).
  • Learn about the generous benefits available to UT Dallas retirees.
  • Stay involved with retiree events throughout the year.

You can relive the thrill of Field Trips (above: fossils at Fossil Rim), keep sharp with seminars from UTD faculty/staff and others (at General Meetings), and benefit students and staff by volunteering at the University. We host lunches, movie jaunts, and an Annual Retiree Reception (to seduce potential new members with our fascinating lifestyles). Join us!

We are a grassroots association eager to hear from you: Contact us about topics or activities that might interest our group.